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My allergies are gone! For the past 10+ years, every Spring I had to take Zyrtec twice a day for my allergy symptoms. Since I have been getting chiropractic adjustments, I have not had to take any medication this year at all!

When I first came to see Dr. Bradford, I had moderate neck and shoulder pain. It was very hard for me to sit at my desk at work, do housework or other activities. Now, I am so much better. I have almost no pain, and my posture is a lot better.


                                                                          -Paula T.


M. Sachsel

I came in with severe pain in my right lower back down into my leg. I also had pain in both shoulders. I normally ride my horse at least 2-3 times a week but I was unable to ride at all. I could hardly touch my toes. I have always been very active, being an exercise instructor. It was very hard for me to function. After treatment, I am doing so much better! I am walking, exercising and riding my horse again!


                                                Melanie S.


Justin Koda photo

In April 2020, I started to have excruciating back pain with limited mobility to do everyday tasks. The pain went for at least 2 months before I came to see Dr. Bradford. Within 3 weeks of treatments, I was back to 100%!


  • Justin K.


Clara Goldader photo

When I first came in, I was limping badly after falling a few times. I also had pain in my left arm which stopped me from doing a lot of things. My daughter recommended that I see Dr. Bradford. I am so glad that I did. After treatment, I am able to walk the track with my husband and go shopping without pain. I am also able to lift things around the house and do everything I need to do.

I am very happy that Dr. Bradford was able to help me. I recommend him to anyone who has  pain.

- Clara G.


A. Swift photo

I have been seeing Dr. Bradford off and on for .  .  . It’s got to be almost 30 years now.  I’m in pretty good shape but I have had issues over the years.  He’s taught me many exercises and routines to help keep me aligned, flexible, and strong.  That’s the great thing; he’s giving me the knowledge to have some control over my body while still always being available to tune things up.  When I had a whiplash accident in the 90s he came in on a Saturday to straighten me out and then I met with him regularly to reduce the effects.  It’s been very valuable to have a trusted advisor over the years and to watch his skills and practice grow.  He has worked with me on payment methods using both insurance and the wellness program.  Thank you, Dr. Gregg. 

 In health, Aubrey


Ruth Cartagena Success Story

For two years I could not walk, drive or sit without pain. I was lying down most of the time. Now after treatment, I can do everything I want to do. I could not change my baby granddaughter, who is one month old. Now I can play with her! I am so happy with my progress and I would highly recommend Dr. Bradford and his staff!

Thank you!

Ruth C.


Sue and Dr. B

I had severe right neck and shoulder pain for 4 months after lifting luggage. It was not getting any better. After 8 visits with Dr. Bradford over a month, I am back to baseline. I would recommend Dr. B to anyone who is in pain.

Thank you!

Sue E. 


David and Dr. B

Dr. B and staff have taken me to a higher level of health that I ever thought possible.

Thank you!

David R.


Lynn and Dr. B

I am 81 years old, and I feel better now than when I was 30. It is so great to get up in the morning and not feel like crying. I was in constant pain for 10 years or more. I went to another chiropractor before with no relief. I am so happy to feel good!

Thank you, Dr. B!

Lynn W. 


I have experienced five years of suffering with lower back pain due to both lower discs rubbing on my spine. Doctors informed me that I would need back surgery in order to get relief. Not wanting to have the surgery, as a last resort I decided to try a chiropractor. I was very leery because I’ve never felt confident that chiropractors could help me. But, Dr. Bradford was my miracle. Within a few months, I am absolutely pain free, and am down from three days a week treatment all the way down to once a month. Amazing.  

Thank you, Dr. Bradford.

Marty O.


Dr. Bradford,

I wanted to reach out, share some big news and say THANK YOU for making this goal possible. I never believed it was possible to do triathlons ever again after having two labral tears in both my hips (2013-2014) and a double mastectomy just seven months ago. I love this sport and had given up hope. But this week on Sunday, August 14, 2016 marked a miracle and milestone in my life. It was the first of two triathlons I will complete this summer. My body is holding up under all the training. My hips don't bother me and the chest muscle holding in my implants just gets a bit sore from swimming. But no armpit pain or pain where the cancer was! These are both huge progress in healing!!

I owe much of this healing to all of you. It took a "village" to put me back together and I will be forever grateful for all your hard work, kindness and compassion in helping me believe I can overcome seven surgeries in five years. 

As I stood at the starting line ready to jump into the water, I had tears running down my face, blessed to be able to do what I love. I ended up finishing with a time that was my second fastest time ever. To say I was shocked was an understatement. Please know that you change lives, you bring hope, you enable patients to overcome obstacles, and by believing in me it helped me not give up!

Blessings to you,



I started coming to see Dr. Bradford because I was experiencing a lot of lower back pain a couple of winters ago, which only got worse from shoveling snow. As I continued to see Dr. Bradford on a continual basis, I began to lay down at night without back pain. I experienced weeks without lower back aches, and even started to feel more energy during my workouts. Receiving chiropractic care has been one of the best investments I’ve made in myself. 

Erin M.


When I started 7 months ago, I had long term chronic low back, left leg and left shoulder pain for over 15 years. The treatments that I had during the first month really reduced my pain and allowed me to dance at my son's wedding without pain. With additional treatment I have also been able to work 12 hour shifts as a nurse, travel to India for a month and take my grandchildren to Universal Studios in Orlando without low back, leg or shoulder pain. This is not just a short term patch to my symptoms but a repair of the problem that allows me to do the many different things that I want to do in my life.

Amended 5/26/15

I went on a 2 week Mediterranean cruise for vacation. I was able to go sightseeing for 8 hours almost every day, walking and climbing up hills on cobblestone. I would never have been able to do these things before I started Chiropractic care. I was able to enjoy myself without pain. Getting into the best shape that I’ve been in years has really made a huge difference. 

Karla F.


When I first came in to see Dr. Bradford, I had neck and shoulder pain. I had pain at night, and my sleep was disturbed. I also had lower back pain. I had trouble walking and sitting at work. I was nervous because my husband just had a heart attack. Now, I feel great! I can walk without pain. I can lift weights. I can do a cardio workout 5 days a week without pain. I even climbed a 2115 foot mountain on vacation! Chiropractic care has really helped me. My posture has changed. I have more energy. I would definitely recommend chiropractic care! I have been to other chiropractors. But I have never felt as good as I do now.

Rosy F.



I severely injured my low back to a point where I thought my life would never be the same again. Although I was only 39 years old, I couldn't even sleep, eat or work without terrible pain. I couldn't play with my kids or walk without pain. I couldn't be there for my wife the way I wanted to . Surgery was recommended but I was scared that it would not help. I wanted my life back and I wasn't sure it was possible. I consulted with Dr. Bradford and started to believe that is was possible. Dr. Bradford and his staff gave me hope.

Dr. Bradford explained that I had spinal misalignment, pinched nerve and a herniated disc that was causing the problem. He explained how chiropractic adjustment removed the nerve interference causing my problem. He gave me exercises to help my alignment hold. I saw manual therapists to release adhesions in my muscle and ligaments to further help my alignment to hold. Dr. Bradford explained that my condition could be corrected 90% of the time without drugs and surgery.

I got better. Today I am working and sleeping pain free. I am playing with my kids and I am even runnung and playing basketball without pain. My wife, my kids and I are most thankful.

Before starting treatment with Dr. Bradford and his staff, that was only a dream.

David R.


I have severe arthritis and scoliosis. I couldn't bend, couldn't walk, couldn't function at all. I was afraid to move. There was a concern that I may become paralyzed. Surgery was recommended. But it was a very extensive surgery and it involved cutting through both the front of my body (my abdomen) and through my low back. And I was only given a "fair" prognosis that it would help! I was afraid that living a quality life was over for me.

Then I was referred to Dr. Bradford. I had already tried one chiropractor without success. So I was skeptical. But after starting treatment with Dr. Bradford I miraculously began to get better. Progress was slow, but it was progress! I have continued to heal. I am now incredibly pleased to say that I am back to normal. I can bend, walk and function. I have my life back. I can do the things in life that are important to me. Last week, I even stood for 2 1/2 hours while singing in the choir. Before seeing Dr. Bradford I never thought this would be possible for me again.

It's always nice to walk in to see the friendly atmosphere and staff that greets me with a smile. I've been to plenty of doctor's offices, and most of the staff hardly makes eye contact, let alone the personal attention that I get here. Trust Dr. Bradford! Do your exercises and follow the recommendations. I never thought I would be pain free. But I am most of the time. It's been a miracle.

Lynn W.


No car accident. No injury. Just a Groupon for a massage brought me to Dr. Bradford and his staff. Uninterested in a chiropractic adjustment, I sat through the consultation as part of the process. As soon as Dr. Bradford started talking to me, I became more aware of my physical wellbeing...or lack thereof. It turns out I had two pinched nerves- one in my neck, one at the base of my skull. My neck, shoulders and upper back were always tight. It was my "normal". But after just a couple weeks of seeing Dr. Bradford, my "normal" was much better.

Now instead of being achy, tired all the time, and fighting constant headaches, I'm wrestling with my 5 year old son and keeping up with him on the playground. I feel so good I've started running, and I am contemplating my first 5k. Dr. Bradford and his staff's focus on wellbeing has truly helped me "be well". For that I am deeply grateful.

Mandy O.


I’ve been living with intense pain for over 4 years. I had so much neck and low back pain that it made me sob in public. I couldn’t sleep more than a couple of hours a night. Now I sleep through the night. I don’t cry in public. I can work. I haven’t felt this good ever. I’m very thankful.

Rachel S.


I moved to the neighborhood and tried a couple of chiropractors until I found total happiness. The quality came at Dr. Bradford's. I had pain radiating down my arm making work difficult. After a few weeks I had increased mobility and significant decrease in pain. After a few months I was able to move into a maintenance plan and have had no flare ups since. Lora and Monika always greet me with a smile and make my visits enjoyable.

Stephanie D.


I came to Dr. Bradford 17 years ago after an auto accident. I've been a patient here ever since, sometimes for injuries, other times for health maintenance. I'm now 78 years old, take no medications, work part time, and clean my own house and garden. I know that a big part of feeling this good at this age comes from being a patient here. I can also say that in all these years I have never heard a cross word from any of the staff. They are all really fun, nice and helpful. I am thankful for it.

Mary M.


Bradford Chiropractic was the answer to my ongoing search for a healthier state of being. With a lifelong background in experiencing alternative medicine (acupuncture, massage therapy and chiropractic adjustments), I've rarely found an office that brought me as much confidence in their healing plan as this one. I felt that every team member was knowledgeable in their expertise, that efficiency was valued, and the right intentions were there. Dr. Bradford appears to put a lot of his energy into helping people get on the right track and his genuine, knowledgeable and dynamic approach radiates throughout this office. In just 4 weeks, my pain had been completely erased- where had the time gone? I'd recommend this office to anybody seeking a higher state of well-being, spinal health, and a happier lifestyle. Kudos to the office!

Forever Grateful,

Stefanie C.

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